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Video production guide

Frequently asked questions before content production

For whom is Saubere Filme the right video productionsolution?

We work with and for companies, agencies, online shopping platforms, associations, and publishers, and produce professional video content.

From medium-sized businesses to international corporations.

Social media, TV ads, image films, animated films, explanatory and training films, recruiting films, product films, and interviews are all part of our repertoire.

Is your film category not included? Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

How much does a professional video cost?

This question is comparable to buying a car. There are two-door cars, four-door cars, small cars and SUVs, convertibles and vans, fuel engines (at least for now) and e-cars. And there are basic and premium versions of everything. What would you like? After the first briefing, we will check the cost of the project and help you with a non-binding and free estimate of the costs.

If you have a specific budget in mind, we will be happy to advise customers on how the video content can be produced within budget.

Tip: We often produce as many videos as possible in one time block, for example, when it comes to serial content.

Does Saubere Filme deliver serialized video formats?

Yes, of course! We support and advise both in the conception phase and in the production phase of serial video formats.

What communication goals can be achieved via videos?

There are a variety of ways to market via video content. Basically, videos are played out preferentially in search engines and also on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Here is a small selection of communication goals:

  • Content marketing (Hero-Hub-Help Content) for social media to generate an activator for users to search for your product or service in search engines.
  • Recruiting campaigns to address suitable applicants.
  • Explainer and training videos for internal and external corporate communication to explain complex processes in a simple way.
  • E-commerce and product films to increase sales.
  • Animation films as an e-learning platform, for processes that are difficult to illustrate.
  • Image films serve to build trust, are intended to provide transparency (hence often showing the view into the company's own premises) and are informative at the same time.

Basically, all video styles promote organic reach growth!

We need a film for our website, YouTube, or social media but don’'t know how to get started. Can Saubere Filme advise us?

Yes, we can! In a personal conversation, we determine your goals together and advise you on the ways and means to achieve them. In addition, we offer you non-binding and proactive optimization suggestions, ideas, and inspirations that will help you on your path to success.

How do I prepare a briefing for a video request?

It really helps if you put your idea down on paper in just a few sentences. It's important to define the intended media channels and what you aim to achieve. We can work on both aspects together and help you with suitable briefing templates or a workshop.

Depending on your background and your environment, you may already have a detailed strategy or just a rough concept. We provide you with a suitable contact person to create the perfect briefing.

Does Saubere Filme offer workshops on certain video-specific topics?

Among other things, we offer a six-part workshop series on video marketing. The series can be booked online and offline for individuals or groups. In the six snackable bite-size sessions, we impart knowledge about content strategies, platform understanding, and user behavior. We give clear recommendations for the best-possible performance of your video content.

Why is video content so important?

Video content is king! Basically, videos are played out preferentially in search engines and also on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. This means videos spread faster than any other type of content.

Videos emotionalize, remain in the memory, increase sales, convince people of products, and help to make communication a tangible experience. Users interact longer and more intensively with video content, which can give an enormous boost to reach and awareness.

Does SEO optimization play a key role in video content?

YouTube is the world's largest database of organic viewing behavior. Good video content is no longer based on good video production alone!

Rather, it is important to think about what topics users are searching for before producing the video and to design the content for these search queries accordingly. We optimize titles, tags, and descriptions of your video content and conceptualize ideas after what your target audience is searching for. Effective SEO optimization of your video content increases organic traffic!

But again, designing the right strategy depends on correctly identifying your goals.

How can shooting under Covid-19 conditions be implemented?

We create a hygiene concept for the respective location, keep the team as small as possible, and continuously adapt to current developments. In addition, we ensure production reliability through coordinated backup personnel. With good organization, a production can be implemented even under Covid-19 hygiene measures.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have managed numerous productions safely and healthily.

Does Saubere Filme also take care of post-production?

In a nutshell: Yes! We edit in-house, set a look, and can also do color grading in-house.

We are flexible! If you only want us to implement certain tasks in post-production, even creating animation, for example, we become the editing team. In other words, we can take over the entire cut or only parts of it – depending on your wishes.

Do Saubere Filme also take care of rights clearance?

As soon as music is used in your videos, it has to be bought or licensed. Perhaps you even want music composed exclusively for you? Whatever the music selection decision, the legal side must be "clean" for the type of media and the duration of use. So this area is also a case for Saubere Filme.

The same applies to legal questions regarding the people in the frame or even the locations that are used. We clarify these legal issues for you and make your production safe, to protect you from unpleasant consequences at a later date.


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